Asphalt Roofing Done Right in Warner Robins

Roofing done right in Warner Robins
Something I came across today. This is a HUGE NO in the roofing industry. The installers of this roof did not think this roof system needed any ventilation! 

Those are architect shingles lapped over the ridge! Not only does this prevent any hot air to escape, it looks awful! 
Typically plastic ridge vents cover the gap at the top of the roof for ventilation. The plastic ridge vents are then covered commonly by cut 3-tab shingles or specialty cut shingles. 
We are replacing this roof system with metal and proper ventilation will be installed. The combination of proper ventilation and metal, the home owner should see a reduction in electricity bill with the fast approaching hot Georgia summer!

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At Amtech Roofing LLC, we don't skimp on parts or workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering superior products and services at rates that are more than competitive for the Warner Robins, Macon, Byron and surrounding Middle Georgia area. 

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