Metal Roofing Contractors in Warner Robins, Georgia

AmTech Roofing are professionals when it comes to residential metal roofing. Many homeowners are concerned that a metal roof would make their home look like a commercial building. That's because commercial tin roofs have a profile of standing seam metal panels. The standing seam is the piece where the panels lock together. Most commercial steel roofs have a standing seam that is higher than a home. That's simply how most commercial roofs are done.

AmTech Roofing's Metal Roofs For Homes Are Different

This standing seam is something most home owners don't want. They may want the protection of a metal roof, but they want something that makes it look right for a residential building. AmTech Roofing has the perfect solution for your home. The trick is to use a standing seam of only 1" high. This reduces the profile and makes look more like a residential metal roof. You also have a choice of smooth or ribbed channels (or profiles). This isn't always an option, because of the pitch of the roof. We don't want to get too wordy here, but we have solutions for many different roof pitches. We'll discuss those with you during your free estimate.

Metal Roofs Are A Great Investment

Steel roofing can look amazing on a home. There are many options to choose from on color, ribbing, and seams. Click here to get your free estimate today.

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