Are you looking for a Middle Georgia metal roof contractor. AmTech Roofing should be on your list of contractors to consider. AmTech has many satisfied customers in Middle Georgia. We have installed and repaired metals roofs.

What Type Of Metal Roof?

Did you know there were more than just one type of metal roof? In fact, the selection is incredible. Different colors and textures are available to match your home. There are many different gauges available as well. We use different gauges on our Residential Metal Roof Installations that we use on Commercial installations. The styles vary as well. The different styles allow you to choose a roof for your home, that doesn't make it look like a commercial building.

Metal Roof Colors

You will have the options to pick just the right color and proper style of your new metal roof to compliment the architecture of your home or business. AmTech Roofing can help you make your home or business look its best.

How Much Will A Metal Roof Cost?

Metal roofing costs will vary in Middle Georgia. There are many factors to consider. It's important to make the right selection in materials. Properly installed, a metal roof is one of the most durable. The average life expectancy is up to 50 years. It's an excellent selection when you consider the return on investment. Asphalt shingles life expectancy isn't near as long. Request a free estimate today and learn more about this.

What Are The Benefits Of A Metal Roof

A metal roof system is an energy efficient roofing type, because it reflects solar heat and can cut back on cooling costs immensely. You can also rest assured knowing that metal roofing will not go up into flames in the event of a lightening strike. In addition to those reasons:

  • Energy Efficient Roofing: Metal roofs reduce attic heat and lower cooling cost, sometimes as much as 20 to 25 %.
  • Fire Resistant Roofing: Metal roofs are fire resistant by design..
  • Environmentally friendly: Metal roofs are 95% recycled material - or 'Green" materials.
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