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People ask me all the time the difference between asphalt and Metal Roofing. It's not easy to choose between the two, especially here in Macon, Georgia. Metal Roofing contractors in Macon are constantly looking for ways to demonstrate the difference. I thought it might be good to write about it.

Compare the Life Span of Aspalt and Metal Shingles

Asphalt shingles have been around since the 1800's.  Typically they have a lifespan of 8-10 years, sometimes less if conditions of the area are harsh. Metal shingles cal last well over 100 years, and require very little maintenance.  So before replacing your old shingles, you may want to consider replacing your current roof with a metal roof.  Although it requires a professional , they are simple to install over an existing asphalt shingle roof.   These are the steps that the installer will have to take to cover your shingle roof with asphalt.

Installation Steps

  1. Remove the Old Vents - They will need to remove the old lead boots that cover the plumbing vents. The will also need to remove any galvanized vents and the aluminum/vinyl ridge ventilation.
  2. Installing the 1x3's Spacers for a metal roof - A metal roof can easily bend and become dented when you walk on it.  To prevent this, your metal roof installer will need add a series of 1x3 spacers onto the existing shingle roof. The only time this is not done is if the roof is stripped down to the bare wood.  Here are some suggestions concerning installation of the 1x3's. 
    • Attach the 1x3's into the shingles every 4-6 inches. Wrap the perimeter of the roof and all of the edges1x3.  The metal roof installeer will also need to place 1x3's on the main span of the roof every 16-24" inches apart, keeping the main span 1x3's evenly spaced apart. These will  be used as spacers and as deadwood for the screws. In some cases, you may want to consider wrapping a 1x3 box around the larger ventilation outlets.
  3. Metal Roof Trim Pieces - The roofing contractor's next task is installing the drip edge trim pieces. They will need to be attached using galvanized ring shank roofing nails spaced evenly, about 4-6 inches apart. Be sure the pieces overlatp to get a good coverage. Some roofs with less pitch need to overlap every metal piece at least 3" or more. Add  trim as needed.
  4. Metal Roofing Panels - Metal roofing panels should face the side with the most wind. Attach the panels with metal roof screws and grommets to help avoid leaks. The standard 3-4-5 squaring method will help align the panels properly before the roofing contractor finishes screwing them down to the existing roof. Add the side trim panels, roof peak panels and vent covers to complete the roof.

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